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Food and Allergies


A mid-morning snack is provided each day. There are a range of options provided and will include fresh fruit/vegetables and a carbohydrate based snack such as breadsticks, crackers etc. The snack choices will vary each day and the options will be posted on the board at the main door. 


If your child is booked for lunch club they will need to bring a packed lunch. We encourage parents to provide a balance of food types. The staff will support children to use table manners. Lunch is a social time of the day where staff and children sit together to talk. We ask that all small items such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, cocktail sausages are chopped in half lengthways to prevent the risk of choking. 

For inspiration and healthy packed lunch ideas click here.


A list of allergens in foods can be provided on request for all foods supplied by the preschool. 

All staff will be made aware when a new child is registered if they have an allergy. The information will also be added to the allergy register. The allergy register is checked daily by the person preparing and serving food to ensure no cross contamination. Symptoms and first aid measures will also be shared with the staff team for prompt treatment in case of reaction.  

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